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1635: Music and Murder  
Author David Carrico
Language English
Series 1632 series
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publisher Baen
Publication date September 16, 2013
Preceded by 1635: The Papal Stakes
Followed by 1636: The Devil's Opera

1635: Music and Murder is a collection of stories by David Carrico which originally appeared in the Grantville Gazettes and the Ring of Fire anthologies. The publication history indicates that several which originally appeared in the Gazettes were revised for publication in this volume.

It is divided into two sections, "Music" and "Murder". The "Murder" section contains Carrico's stories about Byron Chieske and Gotthilf Hoch of the Magdeburg Polizei. The "Music" section contains stories about the interaction between the music, instruments, and musical ideas brought back by Grantville and the music and musicians of the early 1630s. It primarily consists of the Franz and Marla stories, but also contains "The Sound of Sweet Strings", about the relationship between Giouan Battista Veraldi and Atwood Cochran, and "Motifs", which is written as a series of letters from the historical composer Heinrich Schütz.

Almost all of the main characters in these stories also appear in 1636: The Devil's Opera, which Carrico co-authored.