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1636: The Kremlin Games  
Author Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett
Publisher Baen
Publication date June 5, 2012
Preceded by Ring of Fire III
Followed by 1635: The Papal Stakes

1636: The Kremlin Games (Baen, 2012) is a novel in the 1632 series, written by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett. It is based on a series of short stories initially published by Huff and Goodlett in the Grantville Gazette, but has been heavily rewritten. As canon, it supersedes the stories.[1] Some of the rewriting appears to involve moving scenes or references which appeared in the stories into the background, but there are definite changes.

It deals with events in Russia between October 1631 and June 1636, and focuses on Bernie Zeppi. The "games" of the title are strategic simulation war-games, an idea that Bernie introduced as a way to pass time in winter.

A significant change from the stories is that the arrival of Vladimir Gorchakov and Boris Ivanovich Petrov in Grantville is shifted from the spring of 1632 to October of 1631, Also, Petrov's time in Grantville is compressed from around a year to around a month; he and Bernie leave in November of 1631.