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Annalise Richter
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1632 (novel)
1634: The Bavarian Crisis
1635: The Dreeson Incident
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States of Europe (born in Germany)
Date of Birth: 1617
Parents: Anton Richter (father, deceased),
Elisabetha Kellerin (mother, deceased)
Relatives: Gretchen Richter (sister)
Hans Richter (brother, deceased)
Veronica Richter (grandmother)
Affiliations: Eric Flint

Annalise Richter was the younger sister of Gretchen and Hans Richter. She, like her surviving family members, survived life as a camp follower in Count Tilly's mercenary armies. Many of the decisions Gretchen and Hans made were in part to protect Annalise from being preyed upon as they were.

Annalise was rescued after the Battle of the Crapper. Gretchen actually hid Annalise, their grandmother Veronica, and other girls in the outhouse which gave the battle its vulgar name. The whole family was taken to Grantville, where Gretchen soon agreed to marry her primary rescuer, Jeff Higgins.

By fall of 1634, 17-year-old Annalise was living with her step-grandfather Henry Dreeson, helping to raise Gretchen's children Willi and Joey (as Gretchen was still commanding the Committees of Correspondence in Amsterdam at the time), as well as running her grandmother's St. Veronica's Academy schools (as Ronnie was dealing with her late first husband's estate in the Oberfalz) along with Idelette Cavriani.