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Badenburg was a walled town of about 6,000 people, located about 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Grantville. It was close enough to Grantville that some outlying territories were on the border of the Ring of Fire. In addition, Badenburg is on the best road from Grantville to Suhl.

Badenburg was the scene of the first joint operations between a company of Gustavus Adolphus' Green Regiment under the leadership of Alexander Mackay, and the military forces of Grantville. The ensuing encounter, named the Battle of the Crapper by the Americans, was a resounding victory for the Scots cavalry unit. Not only was the Catholic mercenary force sent to take the town decimated, but the town itself was liberated from the mercenaries of Ernst Hoffman, who had effectively held the town hostage whilst demanding extortion to "defend" the inhabitants.

Eventually, Badenburg elected to become the second state of the New United States.


Unlike other down-time locations mentioned in the series, Badenburg is fictional.[1]


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