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Battle of Bladensburg
Timeline: OTL
Part of The War of 1812
Date August 24, 1814
Location Maryland
Result British victory
United States United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
William Winder Robert Ross

The Battle of Bladensburg took place on August 24, 1814 during the War of 1812. British forces under the command of General Robert Ross landed in Maryland, and drove towards Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. United States Secretary of War John Armstrong, Jr., had assumed that the more strategically valuable Baltimore would be the soul target, and had taken view steps to protect the capital.

When it was clear that Washington was also a target, U.S. commander William Winder selected the town of Bladensburg as the best position to defend the capital. However, last minute second-guessing by Winder, Secretary of State James Monroe, and General Tobias Stansbury, insured that any tactical advantages the Americans might have had were neutralized. In short order, despite sustainging more casualties than their opponent, the British successfully routed the Americans, which left Washington open its later occupation and burning.

Battle of Bladensburg in Trail of Glory[]

While the Battle of Bladensburg was a tremendous defeat for the United States, subsequent actions by Sam Houston and Patrick Driscol kept minimized the damage caused to Washington, and halted Britain's drive on Baltimore.

Literary Comment[]

Flint does not depict the actual battle, relying instead on second-hand accounts. There is no reason to think the course of the battle was different in Trail of Glory than it was in the OTL.