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Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria
Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: Spain
Religion: Catholic
Date of Birth: 1609/1610
Date of Death: 9 November 1641
Occupation: Cardinal, military commander
Relatives: Philip IV of Spain (brother), Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia (aunt)
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1633
1634: The Baltic War
1634: The Bavarian Crisis
Grantville Gazette I
Grantville Gazette II
Grantville Gazette III
1635: The Papal Stakes
1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies
1636: The Viennese Waltz
1636: The Cardinal Virtues
Grantville Gazette IV (paper)
Grantville Gazette XXVII
Grantville Gazette XLIV
Grantville Gazette LII
1635: The Wars for the Rhine
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: King "in" the Netherlands
Spouse: Maria Anna of Austria
Children: Unnamed daughter (Post-OTL)

Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand (1609/1610 in Escorial near Madrid, Spain - 9 November 1641 in Brussels) (also known as Don Fernando de Austria and as Ferdinand von Österreich) was Governor of the Spanish Netherlands, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, Infante of Spain, Archduke of Austria, Archbishop of Toledo (1619-41), and military commander during the Thirty Years' War.

Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand in 1632[]

The Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand (or Don Fernando) successfully re-conquered most of the Low Countries with the League of Ostend in 1633. He settled into a long winter's siege of Amsterdam for the remainder of the year. While in Amsterdam, he took advice from his dowager aunt, the Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia, and diplomat/painter Peter Paul Rubens. While besieging Amsterdam, he came into contact with various citizens of the USE and gradually began to contemplate a truce with the Prince of Orange which would have allowed Fernando to become a monarch of the territories he already controlled in the Low Countries. This plan would have come at the expense of his older brother, Philip IV of Spain.

In 1634, after the events of the "Bavarian Crisis", Isabella rewrote her will to allow Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand to inherit her claim. He in turn declared himself "King in the Netherlands". Moreover, Don Fernando received permission from Pope Urban VIII to recant the childhood vows that had him slated for holy orders, and Fernando married his Austrian Habsburg cousin, the Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria.

In 1635, he along with Maria Anna and Isabella sent a portion of Irish Wild Geese to sail with the USE flotilla headed to the Caribbean.

King Ferdinand ordered the creation of Dutch Planes to increase trade with other nations (and to double as an Air Force to bomb any aggressor, most notably his brother, the Spanish King).

Political offices (OTL)
Preceded by
Archduchess Isabella
Governor-General of the Spanish Netherlands
Succeeded by
Francisco de Mello, Marquis of Terceira
Regnal titles (1632)
Preceded by
Archduchess Isabella
(as Governor-General)
King in the Netherlands
Succeeded by