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The Cherokee (Ani-Yunwiya) are a Native American people that settled is now the Southeastern United States (principally Georgia, the Carolinas and East Tennessee). Linguistically, they are part of the Iroquoian language family.

In the 19th century, white settlers in the United States called the Cherokees one of the "Five Civilized Tribes", because they had assimilated numerous cultural and technological practices of European American settlers. Nonetheless, the Cherokee were forcibly relocated to Oklahoma in the 1830s in an event that came to be called the "Trail of Tears".

Cherokee in Trail of Glory[]

The Cherokee were one of the founding tribes of the Confederacy of the Arkansas, forming one of four Chiefdoms in the late 1810s.


While the Cherokee had been allies of the United States early in the 19th Century, it was clear to both sides that the expansionist tendencies of the U.S. would soon bring it into conflict with the Cherokee, who, naturally, wanted to preserve their historical territory. It was also clear to the both sides that the U.S., with its larger population, industry, and technology, would prove to be the victor in that contest.

However, in 1814, a figure emerged who saw a way to avoid this outcome: Sam Houston, an American military hero and adopted son of the Cherokee people. Houston, along with several Cherokee leaders, acquired a great deal of clout for their defense of the United States during the War of 1812 that agreements were brokered that favored a voluntary removal of the Cherokee to what became the Confederacy of the Arkansas, along with the Creek and the Choctaw.

Cherokee in Time Spike[]

Thanks to the Assiti Shards effect, a group of Cherokee on the Trail of Tears were shunted millions of years into the past, along with mound-builders, conquistadors, and a 21st century maximum security prison.