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The Chickasaw are Native American people originally from the region that would become the Southeastern United States (Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee). They are of the Muskogean linguistic group and are federally enrolled as the Chickasaw Nation.

Like most Native American groups of the region, the Chickasaw were subject to removal in the 1830s. Unlike other groups, the Chickasaw were to be paid an indemnity by the U.S. government. This went unpaid for 30 years. When the Chickasaw officially aligned with the Confederate States during the American Civil War, the indemnity was voided.

Chickasaw in Trail of Glory[]

The Chickasaw were allies of the United States during the Creek War and the broader War of 1812.

When the Confederacy of the Arkansas was established, land was set aside for the Chickasaw, but they did not initially migrate. Only in 1824, when relations between the Confederacy and the U.S. did the Chickasaw begin their mass migration.