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Dan Frost
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1632
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States of Europe (formerly United States)
Religion: Methodism
Date of Birth: 1953
Occupation: Grantville Chief of Police
Parents: Minnie Cunningham Frost
Spouse: Richelle Onofrio
Created by: Eric Flint

Dan Frost was Grantville Chief of Police. Following the Ring of Fire, Frost led a posse to investigate what had happened beyond the town. He was wounded by Spanish mercenaries in the employ of Count Tilly, although he was able to kill his attackers. His wounds were serious enough to cause him to lose consciousness. Right before passing out, Dan deputized Mike Stearns and the members of the group to allow them to investigate. He was then drive back to Grantville for medical treatment.

After learning that Grantville is trapped in 17th century Europe, Frost's small police force was not suitably handle for the town's protection which forced the UMWA to enforced the needed security. Eventually, Frost was recovered from his wounds and was briefly left with his left arm in a sling.

Three weeks before the Battle of the Crapper, Frost and Stearns were led by Frank Jackson to a hidden M-60 machine gun that Jackson had stole during his service during the Vietnam War. Frost was not too pleased in seeing an obvious illegal weapon in Jackson's possession, but realized that arresting Jackson was foolish.

In August, 1632, Frost participated in the defense against the Croatian raid on Grantville. He shot the leading horses of the cavalry, causing the whole cavalry stumble into confusion. After the invaders were repelled from the town, Frost took his German police cadets (including Hans and Gretchen Richter), and headed for Grantville High School via bus to meet the attack there. On the way, Frost and his cadets mowed down any retreating Croats in the bus's way. Upon arriving at the school, they witnessed Captain Gars and his Finnish cavalry engaging the Croats. Frost had his force lined up in a firing line at the exits of the high school and systematically shooting down any Croats who were retreating out of the school.

By 1634, Frost was close to retiring. After retiring, he opened consulting business to help towns in the USE set up modern police forces.