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Muhammad Dara Shukoh
Dara Shikoh.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: India(Mughal Empire)
Religion: Sunni Islam
Date of Birth: March 20th, 1615
Date of Death: August 30th, 1659
Cause of Death: Assassination
Occupation: Crown Prince of the Mughal Empire
Parents: Shah Jahan
Mumtaz Mahal
Spouse: Nadira Banu Begum
Children: Sulaiman Shikoh
Mumtaz Shikoh
Sipihr Shikoh
Jahanzeb Banu Begum
Relatives: Jahanara Begum (sister)
Affiliations: Mughal Empire
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1636: Mission to the Mughals
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Mughal Emperor
Children: Suleiman
Affiliations: Timurid dynasty

Dara Shukoh, also known as Dara Shikoh, was the eldest son of the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He was favored by both his father and sister Jahanara as the next emperor; however, Dara eventually lost to and was executed by his younger brother Prince Muhiuddin - the future emperor Aurangzeb.

Dara Shikoh in 1632[]

Note: In the 1632-verse, his name is given as Dara Shikoh.

Dara Shikoh was contacted by Salim, a fellow student of Mian Mir, after the latter returned from Grantville.