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The Emperor of the United States of Europe was the head of state of the USE. The position was modeled on up-time constitutional monarchs, such as those of the United Kingdom, and the Emperor's powers were set out in the USE's Constitution. Even so, the Emperor's powers were closer to those of an 18th-century British king than a 20th-century one. In particular, it appeared that the Emperor had significant control over the USE's military forces, particularly the army, and may not have needed the approval of Parliament to commit them.[1]

The position was established as being hereditary in the Swedish House of Vasa, though it was distinct from the crown of Sweden. The first, and so far only, Emperor of the USE was Gustav II Adolf.

There were no clear provisions for dealing with the death or incapacitation of the Emperor while his heir was still a minor. After Gustav received a head injury in battle in 1635 which left him with aphasia, his daughter, Kristina, traveled to Magdeburg in 1636 along with her betrothed, Prince Ulrik, as a symbolic gesture designed to show their opposition to the autocratic efforts of Axel Oxenstierna. However, Kristina could not claim the throne in the time of crisis.

Emperor Number Reign
Gustav II Adolph

Gustav II of Sweden.jpg

1 1633-Incumbent


  1. In 1635: The Eastern Front, invading Poland was presented as something Gustavus was determined to do, not as something that had been approved by Parliament.