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The Eric Flint Wiki is an encyclopedia of people, places, and events that are portrayed in the writings of Eric Flint, an author of science fiction, fantasy and alternate history. We also have articles on his novels, stories and other writings.This is not a site for speculative writing or fan-fic!

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November 22, 2008
The Eric Flint Wiki arrives. Please bear with us as we slowly but surely start adding categories and templates. In the meantime, articles are welcome.
July 28, 2009
Wikipedia is in the process of deleting numerous 1632 related articles, so many are being moved here. Contact Mitro if you want to help.

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The Most important Rules

While the nature of writing about fictional works requires a certain amount of flexibility, ad hoc decision making, and some policies may be subject to change, we have two cardinal rules we observe here:

When writing articles about the characters or events of a work, write in past-tense, and in-universe.

That's self-explanatory.

Stay within the parameters of what Flint and his collaborators actually put on the page!

Don't worry about trying to fill in the gaps of knowledge that Flint and his colleagues might leave. For one thing, the large number of people working on such projects as the 1632 series means that few issues, if any, will be left unexplored.

Don't worry about trying to fill in the gaps of knowledge that Flint may leave on his solo works. If a person, place, or thing is fleetingly referenced, its enough to note the fleeting reference. For example, Mexico is passingly referenced in 1824: The Arkansas War, where it is still coming together as a republic. It is unnecessary to delve too deeply in the political situation of Mexico based on these remarks.

Speculation Policy

Speculation in articles is discouraged as a rule. All articles should be about people, places, and events at least mentioned (or described obliquely) in Eric Flint's work, or the work of one of his colleagues'.

This is not a site for fan-fic

This site is not a place for creative writing. Leave that to the the various avenues provided by Flint.

Creating Articles for historical figures

When adding information for a historical character who appears in multiple unrelated works, separate that information using appropriate sub-headings. See model entry, or for example, Andrew Jackson. To limit confusion to new visitors, its best to begin the article with a brief sketch of the historical figure's biography. It needn't be a complete survey of that person's life, merely the highlights of why that person is remembered/important to our history.

Links can be made to specific subsections of articles. This is especially useful with Historical figures and geography generally. For example, a link to Andrew Jackson in Trail of Glory would look like this: [[Andrew Jackson#Andrew Jackson in Trail of Glory|Andrew Jackson]].

Don't forget to use the character templates.

Templates are divided up based on story. See the Template category for the appropriate template. Historical figures who appear as characters have both a general historical figure template, contained their pertinent OTL information, and a more story specific one.

Creating categories

When creating new categories, it's best to first consider how many articles might actually be listed in that category. Usually, a category should have at least three articles to start, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

All series should have their own categories, as should stand alone novels and short stories.

Subcategories for characters should be created in most instances. See the Characters category for a list of categories that apply to characters, including nationality, religion, profession, etc. Not all of Eric Flint's short stories embrace many characters. Some may have one or two. In those instances, a subcategory is probably unecessary.

Geography may be divided by continent, country, state/province, or city.

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1632 is the initial novel in the best-selling alternate history 1632 book series written by historian, writer and editor Eric Flint. The flagship novel started off as a solo writing effort that has become a collaborative project that involves hundreds of contributors and dozens of authors. The premise involves a small American town of three thousand sent back to April 1631, Germany, during the Thirty Years' War.Read More

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Gustav II of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden: In the 1632 series, Gustavus becomes Emperor of the United States of Europe.

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