"The Flood Was Fixed"

Type of Appearance: Direct
God is the Creator of the Universe and of humanity, the Alpha and the Omega. In the Abramic monotheistic traditions (which include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), He is seen as the force of infinite power, knowledge, and benevolence in the universe, although among them, the Abramic religions do conceptualize God differently. Moreover, belief in a single deity may found in non-Abramic religions, including certain Hindu movements, Sikhism, and in the Baha-i faith.


While a variety of characters in the works of Eric Flint and his co-authors may or may not believe in God, and may invoke God, this article should focus on those works in which God is a direct character.

God in "The Flood Was Fixed"Edit

God was more than happy to accept Satan's bet that humanity could lose its faith in Creation. To that end, he redid the Flood so he could create evidence of evolution.