The Grantville Firearms Roundtable is a non-fiction sub-group of the volunteers from 1632 Tech Manual, and an officially recognized sub-committee of the 1632 Research Committee that advises on the likely path that firearms developments will likely take in the 1632-verse neo-history.


The Firearms Roundtable, a sub-committee of the 1632 Research Committee is an officially designated group of Baen Barflies who are gun aficionados. They have advised Eric Flint and David Weber of likely possibilities and technical issues concerning the development and production of firearms given the 1632-verse 17th century tech base. These concerns evolve as the 1632 neohistory progresses. The panel members sometime write in smaller groups, and sometimes as a group, albeit with some good natured disagreement (e.g. Consider the full title of "How to build a Machine gun in 1634" which is "How to build a Machine gun in 1634 with available technology: Two alternate views").

The round table's known members are:

Leonard Hollar Bob Hollingsworth
Tom Van Natta John Zeek

Fact article contributionsEdit

  • "Flint's Lock"
  • "How to build a Machine gun in 1634" (Title shortened for convenience)
  • "What Replaces the SRG?"
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