A grenade is any explosive device designed to be thrown by hand. Grenade launchers are firearms designed to fire explosive projectile grenades. There are both grenade launchers that are integrated into other weapons (such as service rifles) and those that are built as individual weapon systems.

Grenades in 1632Edit

When Grantville arrived in 1631, grenades (also called grenados at the time) were iron shells filled with black powder, and which used slow-match for a fuse.[1] By 1633, Grantville had developed explosive and incendiary rifle grenades, which were actually fired from shotguns, as well as simple contact fuses and arming pins.[2] By the spring of 1635, the Republic of Essen had developed, and was exporting, hand grenades which used gelignite and were based on the German "potato masher" design from the first half of the 20th century.[3][4] However, even as late as 1635, many grenades were still the pot-of-gunpowder variety.


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