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John George I, Elector of Saxony
Historical Figure
Nationality: Germany
Religion: Lutheranism
Date of Birth: 1585
Date of Death: 1656
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Occupation: Elector, General
Spouse: Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg (d. 1606);

Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia

Children: Ten, seven of which reached adulthood, all born pre-RoF (Moritz, Johann Georg, August, Christian)
Affiliations: House of Wettin
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1632 through 1635: The Eastern Front
Date of Death: September, 1635
Cause of Death: Killed by a bomb

John George I of Saxony (German: Johann Georg I) (5 March 1585 – 8 October 1656) was Elector of Saxony from 1611 to 1656. His reign coincided with much of the Thirty Years' War, during which the Protestant John George often aligned with whichever side could guarantee that he would retain his lands. He was aligned for a time with Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, but switched sides a few years later after Gustavus died.

John George I in 1632[]

Although John George I had concluded an alliance with Gustavus Adolphus, he did very little to aid, relieve, or otherwise prevent Count Tilly's sack of Magdeburg. When Gustavus learned of the fate of Magdeburg, he blasphemously condemned John George as well as George William of Brandenburg.

It wasn't until September, 1631 that John George finally joined with Gustavus to halt Count Tilly's advance into Saxony, and then only because Leipzig had fallen. John George personally led his troops into what became the Battle of Breitenfeld. Initially, the Saxons were on the Swedes' left flank. However, once the battle began, John George, his nobles, and soon his soldiers fled, leaving the Swedes vulnerable. Nonetheless, Gustavus Adolphus prevailed.

After foundation of the Confederated Principalities of Europe, John George grew increasingly resentful of being forced into the alliance with Gustav. With the outbreak of the Ostend War, John George withdrew from the CPE and regained his independence.

However, with the United States of Europe's victory in the war, John George faced retribution from Gustavus Adolphus, who considered John George a traitor, and moved USE forces into Saxony in 1635. After the Battle of Zwenkau, John George, his wife, the Duchess Magadalene, and their son, Moritz attempted to flee to Bavaria. While in the mountains of the Vogtland, they were killed by explosives set by Georg Kresse and Wilhelm Kuefer. His three older sons, Johann Georg, August, and Christian, had been with von Arnim at Zwenkau, and it was not known if any of them had survived.

Regnal titles (OTL)
Preceded by
Christian II
Elector of Saxony
1611 – 1656
Succeeded by
John George II
Regnal titles (1632)
Preceded by
Christian II
Elector of Saxony
1611 – 1635
Succeeded by
None, office abolished