429px-Gupta Empire 320 - 600 ad

The Gupta Empire, from which the Malwa Empire formed

The Malwa Empire was an empire located in northern India, forged by Link, and opposed by the Roman general Belisarius.


The Malwa Empire was formed from the dissolution of the Gupta Empire around the year 470, taking control of the empire's western half.  At about this time, Link arrived in India and took control of the empire, attempting to use it to conquer the world and use eugenics to "perfect" humanity.  Link taught the Malwa Empire to use gunpowder weapons and began expanding into the rest of India.


The Malwa Empire is an absolute monarchy that places great emphasis on heredity.  All high-ranking positions are occupied by the anvaya-prapta sachivya, members of the ruling dynastic clan, and competence has no bearing on position.  The empire is officially ruled by an emperor, but in practice the emperor is merely a figurehead; Link is Malwa's real ruler.