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Ring of Fire III  
Ring of Fire III.jpg
Author Eric Flint
Language English
Series 1632 series
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publisher Baen
Publication date July 2011
Pages 502 p.
Preceded by 1636: The Saxon Uprising
Followed by 1636: The Kremlin Games

Ring of Fire III is an anthology created by editor-author-historian Eric Flint, first published in hardcover by Baen Books in July 2011. It is the third anthology in the 1632 series, following after Ring of Fire II (2008).

The book includes twenty short stories, together with a preface by the editor.


  • "Preface" by Eric Flint
  • "Dye Another Day" by Mercedes Lackey
  • "Birds of a Feather" by Charles E. Gannon
  • "Falser Messiah" by Tim Roesch
  • "Royal Dutch Airlines" by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
  • "Milton's Choice" by Mark Huston
  • "To End the Evening" by Bradley H. Sinor
  • "Cap and Gown" by Jack Carroll
  • "A Relation of the Late Siege" by Panteleimon Roberts
  • "Frying Pan" by Anette Pedersen
  • "All God's Children in the Burning East" by Garrett W. Vance
  • "Do It Once and Do It Again" by Terry Howard
  • "Les Ailes du Papillon" by Walter Hunt
  • "And the Devil Will Drag You Under" by Walt Boyes
  • "Salonica" by Kim Mackey
  • "The Sound of Sweet Strings: A Serenade in One Movement" by David Carrico
  • "Stone Harvest" by Karen Bergstralh
  • "An Eye Opener" by Kerryn Offord and Linda Davidson
  • "Make Mine Macramé" by Virginia DeMarce
  • "Upward Mobility" by Charles E. Gannon
  • "Four Days on the Danube" by Eric Flint


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