Safavid Flag.svg

Flag of the Safavid Empire in 1632

The Safavid Empire, which, at its height, controlled all of modern Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia, most of Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus, as well as parts of Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey, was a rival of the Ottoman Empire.

Safavid Empire in 1632Edit

In the 1630's, the captial of the Safavid Empire was Isfahan, and it was ruled by Shah Safi.[n 1]

in 1635, Ottoman Forces under Murad IV were able to take Baghdad (two years earlier than OTL) and make peace with the Persians

It is clear with their battles against the Ottomans that the Shia Persians have not adapted any military technology or ideas from the uptimers


  1. It is not clear what the empire's extent was at that time.