Sharon Nichols
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1632;
Ring of Fire;
1634: The Galileo Affair;
1635: The Cannon Law
1635: The Papal Stakes
1636: The Vatican Sanction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States of Europe (born in the United States of America)
Race: Black
Date of Birth: 1978
Occupation: Physician, Diplomat
Parents: James Nichols (father)
Spouse: Ruy Sanchez de Casador y Ortiz
Created by: Eric Flint

Sharon Nichols was the daughter of Dr. James Nichols. Neither were Grantville natives; Sharon was a bridesmaid at Rita Simpson's wedding, and her father was a wedding guest. Thus, both Nichols were transported in time by the Ring of Fire with the rest of the town. Sharon's African-American heritage and her skills as a physician earned her a reputation in 17th century Europe. She soon became a critical political figure in the United States of Europe.

In 1632, she and Anne Jefferson, another bridesmaid and a nurse, became notorious after they gave the famous English physician William Harvey a few lessons about medicine.

In 1633, she fell in love with, and became engaged to, down-timer Hans Richter (a relationship that made her father a bit uncomfortable). When Richter was killed at the Battle of Wismar, she fell into a deep mourning period.

Late in 1633, Gustavus Adolphus named her baroness of Bornholm, a Danish-held island in the Baltic.[1] However, it appears to have been moot, as the USE was unable to take the island during the Ostend War, and the agreements re-establishing the Union of Kalmar allowed Denmark to keep all its pre-war territory[2]

In 1634, she was a last-minute addition to the USE's embassy to Most Serene Republic of Venice. Her father urged this to give her an opportunity to get out of Grantville and away from the memory of Richter. It was also thought that her hands-on medical skills would complement Tom Stone's more theoretical knowledge.

While in Venice, where her reputation proceeded her, Sharon found new love in the form of Ruy Sanchez de Casador y Ortiz, factotum to Alfonso, Marquis of Bedmar. When Lawrence Mazzare and Tom Stone were no longer in Venice, she became the de facto Ambassadress, and did well enough that, in 1635, she was made Ambassadress to the Papal States.

In May of 1635, she and Ruy Sanchez were married.

In August of 1635, the new administration of Prime Minister Wilhelm Wettin confirmed her as the USE's envoy to Urban VIII's papal court-in-exile, and its official representative to the church council Urban intended to convene in 1636.[3]


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