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The Thuringen Gardens was a tavern established in Grantville after the Ring of Fire.

The Thuringen Gardens were founded after Grantville's first Fourth of July celebration in 1631. Seeing that both of the town's taverns packed with the influx of refugees, six American entrepreneurs formed an on-the-spot partnership with four German ex-soldiers and a Scots cavalryman Donald Ogilvie[1], who acted as interpreter. The Gardens was initially open for business in a small park near the town's community swimming pool. One of the partners, Ernie Dobbs, was a truck driver who had the misfortune of delivering beer in Grantville on the day of the Ring of Fire, and used the beer in his truck as his capital investment.

However, after 250 Club initiated a "no Germans" policy Mike Stearns convinced the owners of the Gardens to join Willie Ray Hudson - owner of a large plot of land in front of the 250 Club - to build a permanent German-style tavern across the street from the 250 Club to spite them.

The tavern served as the miners' unofficial watering hole and political platform for Stearns' proposal to the Constitutional Convention of 1632. The tavern itself became the site of many events, as well as a place for gossip.


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